FIXED: (SHOWSTOPPER: animated objects in some scenes cause Blender to quit.)

And not only that, but even appending the objects into a new file will crash the new one as well when starting the game. So it’s easy to isolate the problem to a file that is almost as simple as you can get.
BGECrashblend.blend (745 KB)

Simply put, doing any changes to the action actuator settings used by the object will not help, the fact that some scenes might just quit Blender without warning due to some animated objects is a concern for those making large games as you then get an uncertainty of what scenes will work and what won’t.

The Sunday Meeting talked about a possible ‘a’ release for 2.66 next week and I do hope that this crash can be fixed by then, if this can be fixed by the time people make new builds tomorrow than that would be even better.


I know this is not an edit, but I have some additional information that might help quite a bit.

I ran the file through four different builds dating back to Feb 10th and I found that this crash is the result of a very recent commit. (a build dating back to the 22nd doesn’t crash). So it is possible that fixing this will not be too difficult or take too much time.

If you don’t have a fairly bleeding edge build, don’t bother, because the file will play like normal.

i didn’t get a crash with r54786, im going back to 2.65. Trying to use Multiply layers on 2nd uv coords its way too glitchy still.

I just downloaded a brand new build from the Buildbot and pressing ‘P’ on that file still causes Blender to quit, so the possibility that I got a bad build for some reason has been discounted.

Moguri did a few fixes to the action actuator in the last few days and one of those may have introduced this new issue, I don’t know which one, but hopefully the BGE devs. can eventually get the code to a position where it’s not so prone to breakage when a change is made.

Ace Dragon - I dont think it’s really possible to get a huge codebase like this to a place where it’s “break-proof”. Sometime’s it’s just when you’re editing something, you don’t foresee all the possible ways it could break, and that happens to everyone, no matter what the code is like. I haven’t tested this bug out, but hopefully it gets fixed soon.

r54837 should fix it. Also, never assume that a bug mentioned on these forums will ever get fixed. If the bug is not reported in the tracker, then assume that devs don’t know about it.