[Fixed] Soft Body Problem.

i am trying to get 4 soft body balls to bounce on a surface, and it all looks fine whien i push ALT+A. But when I go to Bake it, it makes the soft bodys start to get impacted much further in the air and i have no idea what is causing it.


any help would be greatly aprictiated

In the deflection tab for softbodies you have inner and outer face thickness panels. Try tweaking the thickness values in the deflection panel.

messed with all those values, and tried to shrink the whole scene to see if that would work and nothing happend. is there a file it runs off of (like fluid sims) i can erase and start over? this is the first time it has done it but I just tryed to make another secene to see if it was just that blender file but it is happening to the one i just made to.

Try to decrease the baking interval.

When baking with interval 10 only every 10th frame a “snapshot” is stored.
When playing back the system interpolates the missing information.
If there are sudden changes in the motion (like a collision) most interpolation
algos tend to overshoot. (gibb’s phenomenon)

Hope that helps


thx bro, that did the trick. :smiley: