Fixing a flickering problem in animation

I made a quick vid and put it on youtube to show the problem I’m having. It shows all kinds of unwanted flickering on the model. Even without compositing at all it exists. I’ve searched these forums and couldn’t find the solution. I changed the Anti-Aliasing, lighting, compositing and I think it is due to the normal map, because I was unable to recreate it without the normal map applied. But the normal map is required because it adds most of the detail. Is there any way to fix this? Here is the video. Thanks in advance.

Ok, so after some more searching I found one or two things that helped, but there’s still an issue. After trial and error I checked the box for full oversampling in the material options. Then I turned down the filter size to the lowest setting and checked minimum filter size in texture settings. So now the flickering part is not a probem but there’s still the problem of the shadows seeming to update sluggishly, as can be seen in the video above. it looks like they update suddenly instead of bleeding in as the light hits. I hope this post can help someone in the future. Any ideas about the shadow issue?