Fixing an overlapping seam

A little too far along in the process I realized that there is a bit of an overlap issue…

Any ideas on how I can relieve this?

Did you try to smooth/relax it with a brush in sculpt mode or manually in edit mode?

Yes… unfortunately I realized the overlap when all the way down, so at the seam the ends weren’t connected and just protruding into the opposite side. This was an issue due to being a n00b at the mirror modifier, so I went back to pre-modifier applications and fixed the issue. Unfortunately all of the sculpting was lost. Lesson learned!

There’s no reason to throw away all your work. Just take your improved mesh, add a multires modifier, and then add a shrinkwrap modifier. Shrinkwrap your new mesh to the old one and apply to the multires, at whatever subdiv level makes the most sense. You’ll need to fiddle with the shrinkwrap projection settings a bit, but it’s generally much, much faster than starting from scratch.

Upload your original file with that seem overlap if you still have it. I’ll see what I can do, I might be able to fix it as well as to preserve the detail sculpting on it.