Fixing animation and rendering

I am using makehuman and maketarget to do some animation.

  • In all the frame a bone has to be rotated x deg (eg. 10 deg for head). Is it possible to do the rotation for all the keyframes atonces or do have I have to do it individually on every frame?
  • Some bones are a bit wobbly. Is there a way to smooth out the fcurve?
  • Let say I render 100 frames animation. Then I change a small portion of the render. Is it possible to render that portion only and keep the rest of the original image for the frame. Like box selection and can this box be animated?
  • I want to offset the whole animation in z so that the feet are on the ground.
  • When I output the animation to an avi file, it appends the frame numbers to the file name. Is there a setting to disable that?

Thanks! Any help appreciated.