Fixing Architecture Academy


I’m a member of The Architecture Academy by Andrew Price.
It gives me a lot of tips and tricks, and some cool stuff also.

The Architecture Academy is the worst organized paid online course I’ve ever seen befor.
Here I’ll put some proposals and feedback for Andrew.

My daddy and a lot of other daddies have a saying for this, “buyer beware”. It is your job before parting with your cash to check on the credential of those giving you training. I’m sorry but this is a basic fundamental of on-line course. Never pay for a course from a person who is not an expert in their field.

Why not do all of the lessons, and then see where you are and what you’ve learned?

This is where you could have saved a bunch of money by becoming a CGCookie Citizen. It’s only $15 a month or something close to that and they offer tons of learning material, including this:

Also, if you want to get ahold of Andrew with questions, or feedback, you probably won’t find him here. What you need to do is go here: since it is his site.

Could this potentially be sarcasm/trolling relating to the UI proposals? :wink:

I don’t think so, but maybe. I more or less pointed out that a complaint about Andrews Arch-Vis Course doesn’t belong here and should be directed to him on his site. That, and the fact that there was an alternative course for a lot less money on the CG site. Wasn’t dissing anyone here.

edit: ignore this, I broke my rule of not participating in cg discussion forum threads, lol.

I, for one, have a great deal of respect for Andrew and for what he is doing, although I personally have not yet become one of his customers. (I am a businessman, however …)

If you are for whatever reason now a dissatisfied customer, then I do think that you owe it to Andrew to discuss your concerns privately, with Andrew the Businessman, first. If you have “suggestions,” give those suggestions to him. Even if you now want your money back, that should be between you and him.

It’s simply “not in good form” to use a public forum to “air your dirty-laundry” concerning a businessman and/or the business that you have done with him. Be gracious​ about it.

The Dr. Pepper 2 liter I bought down at the corner store was flat, but I’m not going to mention it on here. Well at least I won’t start a thread about it.

And I definitely won’t go to all the trouble of registering on a forum just to be a one post troll whose topic gets deleted promptly.

The very fact that Andrew has seen successive mass-participation in his courses (while perhaps making millions from the fees) shows that he’s been far from a shady businessman and knows what he is talking about when teaching the courses).

This can be also been in the fact that a lot of projects posted in the forum’s projects section are learning projects based on a Blender Guru training course, so the architecture academy may not have been quite as high quality, but I would at least admit that he set the bar pretty high in previous courses according to what I’ve heard.

Can we stop talking about Andrew for at least one day? :smiley:
This guy is on everyone’s tongues these days.

Obious troll is obvious. He didnt really give any suggestions and the title is referenced to Andrews UI videos. This garbage should be deleted or locked down, what ever mods see suitable.

“Millions from his fees?” :eyebrowlift2: … my good friend, if he had made “millions,” he would be sipping umbrella-drinks on a Caribbean Isle right now.

He is obviously good at the difficult business of creating training-video educational courses. (And, what is more, he offers a great many of them for free.)

The bottom-line here seems to be: “someone bought training from this person and is now unhappy with it.” If that be the case, then go to the seller, directly … don’t try to involve “the Blender Community at large” with whatever-is your particular beef. This is business, nothing more or less. Don’t try to set a fire so large that you burn down the fellow’s house and barn. This matter, whatever it is, is between you and him and should be kept there.

If you are a member of on online training course your first point of contact to voice any concerns about how it is run or the content of the course really should be with the person running the course not a forum which has no link to it.