Fixing bones to a plane

Hello everyone,

Can anyone help me with this simple rigging animation. I wants to fold a piece, but my bones would not stick to the edges, what do I wrong? I am very new to blender.


I’ve added my file:

Ok, you have a few things ‘wrong’ in that file…

Since you are new to blender, let’s cover a few basics about rigging in blender…
When you rig something in blender, it’s a golden rule for the object and the armature to have their point of origins at the same location, ideally the center of the 3d world. Also, both the armature and mesh objects should have a location of 0,0,0, (which is what I said about origins), a rotation of 0,0,0, and a scale of 1,1,1. Not doing so will more than likely cause you problems at some point in time. Initially, I thought that was your problem.

After making those adjustments to your file, it still didn’t work right. So I looked at how your mesh is weighted (or controlled) by your bones. That’s where the problem is, some of the parts of the mesh that should be fully controlled by one bone, were controlled by both bones.

A quick touch up in weight painting fixed the problem. Here’s how weight painting works in blender. Blue colors mean 0 weight to a bone, red means 100% weighted to a bone, and green means 50% to one bone, 50% to another bone.

here’s how your mesh was weighted to bone.001:

and here it is with my touch ups:

Notice the difference in the colors of the mesh?

Additionally, you had some stuff that wasn’t needed in there. The IK constraint and empty aren’t needed. See attached file


Folding animation1.blend (347.9 KB)