fixing crease

hello i have a problem with my model when giving it supporting loops to square off certain area. it gives me an annoying crease that i have circled with grease pencil in my blender file. im most worried about the very top circle i have done. please can someone help with this. also if you think anything else looks wrong i would like to know too. ok thx for help. also the silver material is on to showcase the annoying crease

Hey; Instead of using support loops for those ‘creases’, put some bevel (CNtTL + B) geometry in there, even at a low level it will behave better. That lower part may need a little more geometry to get that ‘pinch’ out.

Theres too something, the upper surface and the lower surface, red and blue have a different shape, they are not aligned, so when you put the support loops, this result in increasing this difference, hence the distortion of the reflection.

yea i figured that was why but thats the shape i want it to be. i keep trying different things to get rid of the crease but it doesnt go away

Maybe a different approach can help