Fixing Imported Hollow Model


I imported a model and it has double faces. The faces a mirrors of each other. 1 face facing out and 1 face facing in. Making the model hollow. I do not need the inside faces. So i thought i could just do remove doubles, but when i did that it completely destroyed the imported UV map.

So i’m hoping there is some easy way to select all the inside facing faces. Otherwise I will have to spend a couple hours selecting outside faces and hiding them. Just to select he inside faces.


If the inside faces are not actually connected to the outside faces you can select one vertex of the inside and use Ctrl+L to also select all the connected faces, then delete. If they are actually connected to need to separate them by selecting all the edges on their intersection and Ctrl+E / mark seam, go to FACE SELECT MODE and select one of the inside faces, then use Ctrl+L as before.

Whether this will work will depend entirely on your model so please attach or post a link to your blend file

Ya those methods did not work. Or maybe i’m doing it wrong. I have attached one of the models I’m having a problem with. I actually have about 10 or so with this issue.

Thanks for trying to help.


PrismTower.blend (1.05 MB)

There are less fixing to do if you convert to quads first (alt+J) and then remove doubles & recalculate normals.

I have tired that, but the UVs go completely out of wack when i do.