Fixing shading issues around unnecessary loop cuts. Best methods?

Hi guys. I was hoping to solve this issue myself but after hours of unsuccessful searching I now have to ask for help.

I like to use a combo of the bevel modifier (limited to weight) and sub division. I use loop cuts to sharpen edges. But in certain areas, where a loop covers more than the area I need it for and then runs down unnecessary faces, this causes shading issues. Deleting the edges on the faces that don’t require it cleans up those faces, but then causes issues closer to the bevels and creates n gons etc.

Can I edit the verts and edges to clean this all up? Is my approach flawed? Should I be marking sharp edges or using other methods?

Please ignore the state of my model when I took these pics, I know everything about it is wrong. I have just been trying different things.

The 2 pictures below are how my saved file looks before experimenting like I have in the pics above.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Maybe: Bevel Limit: Vertex Group and one without this edge?

You can create bevels solely along those edges, or you can close your edge loops so that they don’t run around the model. Search for topology examples and try to apply them to your model

Thank you guys! I’ll do some experimenting soon.

Thanks again for your suggestions. I couldn’t seem to get it to work with the vertex group idea, but it was closer and I’ve learnt something new so thanks Okidoki. Same for individual bevels to certain edges. I’m struggling with this again today. I cant seem to get decent shading throughout the whole object.

May I ask, If you guys were to model a shape like this, how would you go about it. What modifiers would you use etc? I’ve been on a roll with Blender these past few months but now I feel like I’ve hit a wall.

maybe a dumb question, but do you have auto-smooth normals on?

Yes. I have tried those settings but thanks for the suggestion.

I persevered and was left with just 1 small shading issue. Fortunately it is hidden by another part of the object so I moved on. I used less loop cuts and adjusted individual crease and bevel weights on certain edges.

Thanks again all for your help and support

You might find some useful things in this thread : How to reduce edge loops etc.?

Looks like the ideal info that I needed. Don’t know how I didn’t find that thread whilst searching high and low previously. Thank you so much LG.