Fixing some errors in blender( PPL i need help with this )

ok i’m having serious trouble with blender:
when i select a camera blender freezes up
when i select a lamp,lattice,empty( and i think some more but i don’t know wich )blender freezes up.

i’m using win xp professional
amd athlon 2000
s3 km400/kn400


i can’t make game effects or edit the lamps once i deselect them once :frowning:

It’s most likely your display adapter. I don’t know what kind of OpenGL support S3 cards have, But I suspect thats your bottle neck here.

what do i do against it?
because all ppl with win xp have the same problem i don’t know if it’s aopengl problem

Well, if your card is not extremely old, you could go manufacturers web site and get newest display drivers. Try also tweak driver settings, like antialasing off.

If that does not help it buy new card. No need to get expensive high end card, cheaper cards will do also. Generally NVidia cards have good OpenGL support.

That’s just not true.


That sure seems lika an OpenGL problem. I´ve got a onboard Intel chip on my work PC (Win XP) and Blender used to quit when I selected an empty. Fixed the problem with a driver update.