Fixing stretched UV

Hey, I have question to you guys is there any plugin/addon which fix stretched UV in uv editor? I need to optimize many buildings in blender which has 4-6 different textures and make 1 texture per building (its for game engine purposes).
I have some thing like this:

you see stretched UVs in uv editor, in 3d view it looks ok but I can’t have something like this and I don’t want to fix this all by hand (cuting mesh and placing it in right spot in uv editor
I was thinking maybe there is some easy way to do this, maybe some plugin which do this automatically. If you have any good tips for me please let me know :slight_smile:

Ensure you apply any object scale before unwrapping (Ctrl+A in object mode).
If you scaled your object you’ll not have uniform axis scale which will cause stretched unwraps

This didn’t solved my problem.


I marked red mesh and UV map of it.

Here I fixed that by hand, I cutted mesh and placed it in UV editor, so everything is inside the box with texture. Two examples looks the same in blender texture view but I need to have everything like in image 2 because its for game.

Now, I fixed this building but I have like 100 more to do and its really pain in the ass :stuck_out_tongue: so if there is any addon which cuts mesh and keep everything in this texture box it would be a relief for me. I don’t belive that I’m the only one that has this problem :slight_smile: models are bought from some site and my job is to optimize them for a game

anyone? :stuck_out_tongue: no game developers here had similar problem before? :slight_smile: