Fixing the laser's 2nd and 3rd dimensions , <how ?>

here goes the blend[email protected]/ask2.rar
before clicking the mouse button to aim , when you press A or D , the dot is traced as i want it on the ground
the empty is moving with the bone , but when you aim it doesn’t trace at the wall !
i want the red sphere to be traced at the 2nd and third directions too …
how can this be achieved

am i clear ?


hmm… I’m not entirely certain what you want here. if you rotate the armature object, the point can trace the wall, and it seems to follow wherever the gun is pointing. the gun doesn’t point at the wall if you leave the armature in it’s default position, and there’s no parent-to-bone so if you were to animate the arm only the gun’s vertexes would follow…

I don’t know if any of this is helpful, because I don’t really know what you want to happen…

[edit] uh… ignore all that stuff I said above this, I just didn’t try clicking the mouse before… silly me ^^
so, yeah, it looks like your problem is a lack of parent-to-bone in the GE, so the actual object center stays in the same place when the armature moves. unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is going to be fixed any time soon…

i’m sure that the solvant is harder than i think … :frowning:

the point can trace the wall

aha , so it is working with ya ?
yay , i have it working with the new blender 2.45
but try it in 2.44 , it wouldn’t trace the wall …
have i to switch to 2.45 ??? but it is buggy a little …
can’t wait for the 2.5 edition
thanks :slight_smile: , there is no problem now , … but is there a way to fix it in 2.44 ???

I misunderstood the problem before, I edited my post… so, they fixed it in 2.45? sweet

another strange thing , it only works with the patched blender 2.45 (zaghaghi’s patch)
but at least , i can devolope with the 2.45 and use the blenderplayer.exe of the zaghaghi patch

anyways , there is no problem now … :slight_smile:

hey , nice coincedence , when you said that it worked …
i said to my self (maybe he is using the new 2.45 ), so i gone to the patched one , and guess what , it is solved :slight_smile:

well … if you understood me from the begining then i wouldn’t check the new blender then it wouldn’t be solved … nice coincedence …