Fixing the post buttons so they don´t delete your reply?

I pointed this out quite a long time ago already but it´s still there :wink:

If you write a reply and click on “+ Reply to thread” your message is gone.
If you click on the gray “reply” button, your message is gone.
If you click it again btw. the reply with quote mode starts up.

So if you´re note 100% careful and only click the “post quick reply” button after writing a reply your text is gone.
By now I got a paranoia anyways. My posts are often long, so I write them in notepad++ and copy paste them because I already nullified a few posts that way.

Not really a problem, but it´s very unconvinient, and it makes the forum feels like it´s buggy or beta.

Weird. Yes, I tend to copy posts to the clipboard before posting. Never clicked the other buttons, but BA used to log me out after maybe 10 minutes of writing, thinking etc. Interesting. Not sure if it can be fixed - the buttons all have functions. “Reply to thread” 's function is to open a new text box. I don’t know if they can be disabled only in certain circumstances - the button is doing is job, it just doesn’t know that you’ve already opened a dialog box.

The “+Reply to Thread” button is simply horrid. A complete usability failure.
It´s the biggest, most colorful button on a page and does exactly nothing but delete whatever you wrote in the quick reply box :smiley:

Except it’s above the quick reply box. Perhaps a bit more could be done to visually disassociate it from the quick reply feature, but I’ve never had the problem you’re describing. The Reply/Reply With Quote buttons are clearly associated with an individual post, so it makes sense that they have no association with the quick reply box. The Reply to Thread button is similar; heirarchically, it’s associated with responding to the thread (or, better stated, the original post).

Really, the usability problem is with the positioning and coloring of the quick reply box. It’s crammed in at the bottom of the page and it’s less clear that it’s not directly associated with any of the other reply features.

cute! thank you.

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The problem is the “+Reply to Thread” button anywhere near the quick reply box, no matter if it´s above of below.
It is the biggest button around and the only one in color.
It has the same color as the quick reply window, while the quick reply button and go advance button are clearly disassociated with both, the colorscheme and the quick reply window.

The reply with quote button is great, it does exactly what it says and what you expect.
The reply button associated with an individual post is useful too, works like expected.
Also are both clearly assosiated with the post window.

The “+reply to thread” button is useless though because it does nothing but to delete whatever you wrote in the quick reply box. So either remove it, or re-label it “reset reply form”

In it I see a violation of some usability heuristics:
consistency and standards
error prevention
recognizion rather than recall
recovery from error

…that or my HCI and heurestic usability testing seminars where for nothing :wink: