Fixing the Sky

Well, I needed a good sky in my upcoming game, so I found this pic on, but as you can see, there are those darn leaves and lamp post in the way.

So, I gimped it, and here is the end result:

C&C are welcome, but I’m done with this. :slight_smile:

wow that is impressive how you got rid of them mind explaining how you did it?


Very good. However, there is a bit of a distracting dark spot in the upper left corner. It should be very easy to fix though.

Thanks for all of the comments. :slight_smile:

Fudge: Thanks! Well, I basically just used the stamp tool, and “extended” the sky from already existing areas. :slight_smile:

TGinn: Thank you, and I have already fixed it in the texture map. :smiley:

It’s a brush stroke. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, it’s removed in the texture as well.

Nice sky :wink: Gimp is the best!