Fixing this ugly eevee render?

ok it must be the screenspace reflection for the floor

Whenever that happens, artifacts near the corners or edges of the camera’s boundaries and they are only visible in the final render, you think on an Screen Space problem. You try Render Tab > Film > Overscan size = 7% (Render times will be increased)

To be more precise, the problem also occur in Viewport. What happens is that the viewport view usually covers beyond the limits of the camera, and problems occur within the limits of the viewport.

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thanks a lot that has resolved the light bleed issue on top.:slight_smile:

on the bottom it was a reflection problem, i vertex painted the area for a roughness pass and everything look as it should.

God damn, everyone praise real time like the messiah but it such a pain on the ass to make it working.
Baking every light
Baking every reflection
placing reflection plane when needed
adding ton of light to fake a good lightning
replacing bump map with normal maps
transparency issues
shadow issues
light bleed issues
reflections issues

im not sure if real time is worth it it take setting up all the scene in eevee take four time the render time of the scene in cycles…

and in the end the render is not even real time, every light are flickering, the scene is quite slow even with my RTX2080ti.

I’m not sure exactly what reflection problems you are referring to, but there are definitely screen space problems at bottom too.

No Overscan:


The other problems that appear there could be related to Ambient Occlusion settings or lighting/shadows settings.

i fixed it by making the spot rough in the end.

  • it was using a reflection plane

Ok I see. I was referring to this:

any idea how to resolve this problem at rendering ?

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For still images maybe. But when developers can improve stability problems for animation, the work in set up the eevee scene will be worth it if we take into account the saving of render time in entire animation (For those who settle for what Eevee can give, and don’t look for extreme realism like Cycles can give)

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Could you test whether this is caused by Ambient Occlusion?

indeed for animation it’s worth it.

here we go cycles raw vs eevee raw

the flicker is indeed in a ambiant occlusion shadow spot, maybe its my fault i put quite a lot of it in the scene

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Regarding these band problems, although AO contribute to make the problem more noticeable, I think the problem could be related to some lamp with contact shadows enabled. For example you enable contact shadows with your default settings in the Area lamp that illuminates those pictures on the wall, and you will get that kind of bands. So you look for trying to configure better contact shadows settings.
(By the way, I tried to enable contact shadows in that Area lamp so that shadows in frames/pictures on the wall look like in Cycles)

For light leak issues check this post (and read whole topic if you wish):

Also take a look at this topic. It’s a hidden gem:

Eevee is straight up good in scenes without global illumination. Most use case is for that as well. And it’s true that it has some ‘learning curve’ to it but I think it’s worth overall (Especially if you’re rendering lots of stills and animations).The most challenging thing is there isn’t a good tutorial related to arch-vis in Eevee yet (Except the link I shared above). You can see that render qualities are pretty close in his topic. Sometimes even better in Eevee with a better lighting setup (I don’t even mention render times).

Did you ever get this shadow banding in Eevee solved? I’m having the same issue. It does appear to be caused from having contact shadows enabled on an area lamp. The only way I’ve been able to make the bands completely disappear is to un-check contact shadows…

I believe this was addressed in Blender Guru’s Archviz with eevee series.

Archviz with Eevee

I hope this helps.

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maybe put it into photoshop or another software, and fill it in manually.

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That is cheating man :upside_down_face:

Awesome, thank you, Blade_Master777, for the link… I will check that out!

Thanks TheAwesomeYT for your suggestion! Yes, that could definitely be a solution for a still image, but I would need to do animation. :slight_smile:

But it will help! It’s like the post processing!