Fizzy Water Bottle

Swedish brand of carbonated water. Rendered with Cycles.

Render time was about 30 minutes.
I know it’s still a little grainy but I kind of like it that way.


Any chance to Win7 build? Looks good… near bottom of page

wow. must pick up my jaw because its on the floor. nicely done sir :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Nothing artistic of course, but very clean and fresh marketing result. BTW, It’s quite hard to make a good and clean looking render of a glass/plastic, and you did it well!

oooh… that’s nice.

  • “It’s a picture of a bottle of soda-water … what’s the big deal?”
  • “No it’s not … it’s a 3D render …”
  • “Ooooh… that’s nice!”

Trompe l’oiel …. seriously cool.


frontpage example :slight_smile:

wow! nice render, and model. you’ve already mastered the new shader nodes :slight_smile: that plastic is exactly like the real ramlösa bottle. :slight_smile:

for you non swedes you can see images of the bottles here

and how photorealistic this render is.

Thanks for link… Cycles looks really great , but Its necessary to learn nodes system…

One question for more…
Its GPU or CPU render…?..

stupid question…CPU of course… cycles from your link is no cuda…:smiley:

Now I want some water…

I’m thirsty… I like it, perfect render!

wants to see shader nodes :slight_smile:

man that looks amazing. can’t wait to try out the cycles render engine.

I think there is a CUDA build, but since I have an ATi/AMD card I’m going to have to wait for OpenCL.

Great work! Just plugged this on our sister site Blender Cookies feature preview of Cycles. and our FB page.

Now to get the featured image function to BA… :frowning: Working on it!


Actually, the final version will support GPU in the form of openCL and cuda (I believe).

Good work… Cycles looks very good in render. Can’t stand using it!