Fjord (with skymap, 2nd render and mini-tut.)

I really liked mpan3’s metallic-looking ocean, so I wanted to make my own. I found a way to have Blender water reflect a Terragen environment via the ter2blend script. I might try a little animation of this, if I can get a decent wave off the ship.

Looks great, except for the snow. The snow in the distance is fine. But the close up stuff looks like crap. Their way to big, and not crystaly enough. Try just using particles with a white cloud/grey texture. And maybe some emit with a high spec. So the shine.

i like it. but i like your suicidal adventure land better! get back to work! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

yeah the snow flakes up front look bad, otherwise its a pretty good render

Are the vikings leaving the Suicidal Adventure Land or planning to conquer it? Look forward to seeing the animation.

Would you mind giving me a little step-by-step on making the water reflect the terragen image?


Yikes, quick replies !

mr bomb : I agree about the snow. I’m working on a better version, should have it up later/tomorrow.
skeletor : I got slightly daunted by SAL when I found everything on the rim of the water pool was 2x too large. When I rescaled it I found I have room for another 6 houses in the street ! Which is nice… but scary…
GCat : No vikings in this one, just boats that row themselves. :slight_smile: Need to do some optimising for animation, the longboats render pointlessly slowly at the moment.
fakeplastic : I’d be happy to tell you everything. Right now I have to get off the net to allow faxes to come through but I’ll certainly post a mini-tute later.

Thanks for the comments !
I have made the skymap available here :
600K jpg. Not great but it might be useful to someone.

Slightly better snow… still not realistic but it’ll do.

Guide to making water reflect Terragen :

  1. Render Terragen image (wow !)
  2. Render Terragen skymap (search forums for how to do this if necessary).
  3. Import landscape into Blender via usual ter2blend script.
  4. Put your Terragen image in the backbuff as normal. To the landscape, add this same image as a texture using “win” as the mapping type, NOT orco, the default. Don’t select Only Shadow as you usually would - in fact using shadless is probably the best. If you want objects to cast shadows on the landscape, I sugest rendering in another pass with your first render in the bacbuff and THEN using only shadow on the landscape.
  5. To the world, use your skymap as the texture (select Blend and Real in the preview panel, Blend Hori and ZenUp in the Map To panel), AngMap in the texture panel.
  6. Finally, the water : Use the water plane provided by ter2blend, set up suitable bump maps for the water. I used 2 clouds textures only affecting the normal. Then set up an environment map for the water (alas you can’t just use raytracing, there is a bug with raytracing and win textures). The environment map MUST come after the bumpmaps, otherwise they don’t work for some reason.

That’s it ! Let me know if I haven’t explained anything properly.

I like it :smiley: ! They sky, landscape, and water are really well done. The ships, to me, look like plastic toys. Maybe if you added a texture to the sail and had it effect transparency, you could get it to look a little more tattered. Also, you could add the procedural wood texture to the ship and have it affect the normals. Other than that, it is really cool!


This would make a lovely Christmas e-card :slight_smile:
Seriously, I like it a lot. The water and the sky look very nice. If you are going for realistic snow there is really no reason to use crystals because you can’t see the shapes in falling snow anyway. I do like the looks of your snowflakes, they make the whole thing a bit cartoony. Depends where you’re going with this.