FK/IK switching

Hello all,

I’ve rigged a character, with the help of Cessen’s BipedRig. It’s the first time I make a complex rig. It works ok except for the IK/FK switching that I’ll need for the arms.
The mistake comes certainly from the names of bones which are different between our two files.
One thing that I don’t understand is that his body is made of several meshes, almost one by bone. My body is made of 2 meshes only: body and eyes.

Another thing that I wonder is, when I’ll have to animate, will I need to use just the bones of the first layer, or the bones of the first and second layer?
Thanks for your help.

Thanks Mike B and Juan Pablo for your help proposals!

Here’s my rig.

It looks like you haven’t set up any IPO drivers for your copyrot constraints. The sliders are supposed to drive copyrot influences for the FK chain to copy IK chain’s pose

Thanks Malefico, I will work on that, I’m not used to work with IPO Driver.

From the sounds of your blog it sounds like there was some trouble. ( I was Mike B).
I did the Left arm so you can see what IPO drivers look like, in the attached blend.

Hope that helps.


PersoRig3_MikeB.blend (738 KB)

Hey thanks MIke, I’m sorry for the delay, I didn’t see your answer:o

There’s still something I don’t understand. In the file you have modified, when I switch the Left Arm on IK, and that I move the bone IKHand_L, the arm doesn’t follow.
In the original Cessen’s rig, it does. In his file, I’ve seen there are many IPO
of Constraint Type (IK Arm Switch.R, etc) but there is no curve so how does it work?

Thanks for your help because I’m really noob in this part!

Hey Bupla,

Lol oops I guess you need the actual deforming bones to go ik too! Here’s something closer to what I think you need.

If you want to do it yourself, hit “Show” on the constraint you want to influence.
Then, go into the IPO editor, and uncheck the action ( drowning shark victim icon ) so its not reserved for your current action only. Put your cursor into the editor, and “I” to get a curve.


PersoRig3_MikeB.blend (739 KB)