Flag (cloth) with wind simulation keeps folding in it self

Hi There,

im quite new to cloth and the wind settings. I did some tuts on making flags and have already made a nice finished product. Now i wanted to add holes where rings can be added so it looks more realistic. The flag also was of a different size than the one before. I run into a problem that the simulation was going bazooka on itself, flipped always imploding and exploding. I tried to do vertex paint to make the cloth look better, but the holes seem to cause problems now. So i just added 2 vertices on the top and 2 on the bottom to the weight map. Everything looks quite okay now.

The one problem which i cant seem to fix is its self collision. I tried so many different settings but i t keeps folding and rolling in the top part of the flag. See attached image, look at the top part of the flag. I think i already have set the settings quite high, resolution quality is 6 on both of them.

I hope someone can point me out here

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Flag100x70cm_2.blend (536 KB)

PS here’s the cache folder of the simulation, not sure how i could add this one. it needs to reside next to the source file.