Flag help needed

Hey there all.
I have a checkered racing flag.
I’d like to have just the black areas visible flapping in the wind.
I have everything working but cant figure out how to make it work the way I need it to.

Thanks for any help

Try this or provide more information:

You sir are a genius :slight_smile:
Thank you VERY much for this.


Well your technique works but not in my case. AND i had to reverse the colors as I didn’t think this project logo had to be on a black back ground.
I did a test render and it’s sorta what i’m after but not quite. test
Please have a look and see what I built. The shape of the flag is the main thing, as the vector object that is part of the actual logo. * just the black checkers. I wanted to see if I could have it blowing in the wind.

Thanks for any advice.

I have figured my problem out.
I’ll post the final render later this week.

hey there all. well the test was a success.
it’s going to worked on but a very good start.
colors are way off and i let is go for WAY longer then i needed but what the hell.
hope you like.