Flag Image Tex Question

Good Day!

I am having an issue when I make a cloth flag! I added a image texture (Canadian Flag), baked, and tried to render…the image of the flag just slides off??? as the flag begins to move! Is there a way to ‘lock’ the image to the cloth? I can’t believe I haven’t been able to figure out whats going on here…

Thnx so much in advance!

Here are some BLEND files to check out. But if your texture is “swimming” through your mesh, you may not have UV coordinates, or are deriving your coordinates from another object that is not in motion.

Thnx so much Atom!

PArt of my problem here I think was indeed with UV coord: I wasn’t sure if I could even unwrap a grid mesh - do I just choose one edge?

Great examples there - I’m going to pour through every screen and button in them…!