I’m not a big fan of animated gif but I was asked to create a waving flag for the website of the local non-league football (minor league soccer) club. I created the animation in Blender 2.49b and rendered a section of the animation as RGBA png files. Then I loaded the first png into GIMP and opened every alternate png as layers (to keep the file size low) and exported as animtated gif. I had to put the link in as gif is not an accepted upload format.


animated gifs are so old school :stuck_out_tongue: they are much better than flash or anything else though for this type of animation :slight_smile: looks nice :slight_smile:

@natholas Thanks. I fully agree about flash but I remember when loads of people started putting up personal websites and shoved animated gifs all over the shop and flashing scrolling text and stuff. I remember once seeing a friend’s site which was put together with a drag and drop tool and looked ghastly with animated gifs, poor quality clip art, flashing text and glittery effects everywhere. I half expected to see My Little Pony canter across the screen. Even her nine year old daughter condemned it as “baby stuff”. One fluttering flag shouldn’t be too bad though.

haha… ye… those were the days :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good to see people doing simple work like this and getting paid for it when it seems like a lot of other people are trying to make the next Avatar. Blender is great for these little tasks.

flags generally aren’t shiny :wink:

@loopduplicate I wasn’t paid. It’s my club. We’re talking about a club with a home attendance of between 200 and 400 people. Not a lot and most revenue comes from the club bar. Most people doing things for it are volunteers including the webmaster who puts in shed loads of time and effort. The club is owned by the fans and is a mutual society so it doesn’t matter how much any one person puts in - they can only own one share (this is a result of dealing with the chairman of the club we split from). Enfield Town was the role model for AFC Wimbledon and FC United of Manchester among others. Because it’s our club we do more for it than we would if we were just paying at the turnstile. I realise this won’t mean much to people outside the UK and specifically England but people this side of the pond will have heard of both Wimbledon and Manchester and realise just why they were formed. To quote Wolfie Smith “Power to the people and freedom for Tooting!”

@Spacetug You obviously haven’t ever bought “satin effect” football flags, have you? :slight_smile:

The flag is now in use as part of the banner on the Enfield Town FC website. Despite my reservations about animated gifs I quite like it especially the way the flag covers and reveals the end of the word club.
Little things please little minds :slight_smile:


Oops! Forgot the URL! The URL for the website is http://www.etfc.co.ukand click on Enter “Enfield Town site”. That bit is an anti spam/hacker thing. There are several splash screens all created in GIMP. My fave is the cartoon one of our centre half Mark Kirby.


I got the ‘puzzle’ splash, which was a fantastic effect btw, and absolutely love the flag.
I’m glad i reread your last post to find more splash screens to refresh and ‘catch them all’
Very good job overall :slight_smile:

(and i agree, cartoon splash is very impressive also :wink: )