Flags blowing in the wrong direction.

I can’t get my flags blowing in different ways. Left/Right . Can someone show me how to do it. Thanks in advance


Here u go!


Take care!

I would use a wind force to move them, but why would flags blow in different directions?

Blender and you plaace57 ar more clever than me. Flags blowing always at the same direction. For sure.
I would like to use my flags like a entry, therefore i want them to pointing apart from each other.

In the force field physics just turn on maximum falloff. And crank it up so that the flag is in that circle. Than only what is inside the circle will be affected by wind. That’s it. Take care!

vandorius, thanks for helping. Yes I laborated with everything. First I made a copy of the right flag include the force wind and rotated and move away the copy to the left side, but the force slowe down on both flags.
Next time I try with maximum falloff.

Hello, I still have a nasty problem I never had on earlier versions of Blender. I try to add a plane ( cloth) above and between the flags. At particle I add a Cloth and press Alt-A and the cloth start blowing away together with the flags?? I have made a brand new cloth for this plane.
Can you advcice me.
Thanks again.

It is not clear what you want the new plane to do. If you don’t want it affected by the wind you could change the wind property to 0 in the Cloth Field Weights panel.

AlanK thanks for your reply. I vill remember that to next time.
I solved my problem, but there is lots of work to do. Better lightsetting on cloth texture