Flakes of Winter

Wanted to do a Winter themed pic. and sutable for the occasion here too, it’s snowing.:eyebrowlift:

Oh, and by the way, Dragon’s Moon was one of 4 pictures that got sold at the art gallery downtown so far and made another sale today, Glossy Abstractions was bought, and that guy said he knew someone in Washington D.C. that could help get my name out.

Made in a new Blender build, slight glow in compositor, edge enhance outside Blender


Hahaha good one.

Bigbad, by all means sue the gallery for accepting my work if you must.

My art profit is now 135 dollars, you may see bad art, but people I’ve never met at all in the real world call it good art.

BTW: the thumbnails on the new gallery software Alltaken put in isn’t working for some reason when hotlinked.

Nice but I would have given the flakes a more crystalline look, it is frozen water after all.

Borgleader I tried giving them a clear crystal ice material, but they barely showed up in the render.

It wouldn’t be much of anything if they were nearly invisible.

Looks a bit like a HighTech-Snowflake :\

They’re too perfect.

Like…They need to have some pieces broken or missing, after all these have fallen for who knows how long, bumping into each other in the wind. They’re bound to get broken or chipped in some way. Also, they seem to all look alike…Maybe this goes along with having pieces missing, or make some have less arms, so each snowflake is unique. :wink:

The focus was more artistic then realism.

When it comes to artistic focus, people may want a perfect object to look at, I look at the gallery downtown and I saw pictures of perfect spotless flowers with no petals out of line or spots of dirt, you wouldn’t think they had to have imperfections to be pleasing.

Looks a bit like a HighTech-Snowflake :\

Probably because I enhanced the edges in a paint program, I did that so they stand out more.

Come on guys, don’t be too harsh. Its a nice snowflake.
And congrats CD on selling some art.

I like this one! it has nice shapes and the colors are cool too. why the hell is this getting 2 stars?? 5**** from me to raise the stars on this.

cyborg dragon is gloating snidely about his entire 135 dollars to spite them. they are rating his work low and making bad jokes at his expense to spite him. it’s a vicious circle that has lasted since the dawn of time. don’t get involved if you value your sanity.

I quite like it.

ohhh…i like it!

135 dollars for 5 images. That is bad art. Why pay so little if it’s any good. I think you have the lowest paying art in the history of mankind.

Good image. Not fantastic, but simple and well done. Easy on the spite, Bigbad. Are they digital artworks you sold? If so, they’re prints, and the price ain’t so bad. Maybe you should charge a bit more though.

This forum, in fact forums in general, aren’t the places to go if you want your ego massaged. In the real world you aren’t surrounded by other 3D guys and everyone’s impressed far more easy. Which is more real? Who knows.

Looks good but if I were to be really picky the only thing that bugs me is that two snow flakes are never exactly alike, I count nine identical ones in your picture. Other than that, nice work.

P.S It would be interesting to know how you modeled them (long, hard extruding a plane or is their an easier way?)

good, but they must have more transperency , and decrease the brightness, good luck CD :slight_smile:

thx blackboe, I lost myself there…

Actually, it’s 7 pieces I sold, and this is profit, 30 dollars, minus the expense to mat and frame them.

I sell them cheap because I can print up multiple ones and I don’t want to risk overdoing the price. The matting and framing isn’t very expensive as well, I’d likely sell them at a higher price if the expenses were higher, plus they’re small size.

At the arts show there’s pieces selling for as low as 60 dollars done using paints and oils, don’t tell me they’re bad artists, and low prices does not equal bad art.