Flame modelling in bl 3.2

following short tut here

Creating a flame effect using shader nodes - BlenderNation

got the nodes et up but uncertain how he did the anim for this
and how it makes the flame ?

anyone can help to get it going ?

thanks for any feedback
happy bl

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There’s drivers on the Y and Z areas of the Subtract node that make the movement:

The driver values are frame/30 & frame/150 for the y and z on the subtract node (30 fps).

So type #frame/30 into the Y of the Subtract and #frame/150 into the Z

how to start this ?
do you simply add a plane ?

will try to add these drivers


Yeah I think he just did it on a plane, I haven’t tried it yet but it looks super cool :slight_smile:

i guess here that this is a plane in the X Z plane not the XY plane
or it won’t work !

will continue tomorrow !

happy bl

If you want them to go upwards… yes or you use the frame/30 on the X axis … interesting if used on a 3D object and using 3D voronoi… (nice finding by the way).

i like it so simple and no particles
so nice nodes set up for simple 2D fire

@ Okidoki

did you do it in 3D ?
show us image may be with sample file

happy bl

Oh, it’s just all what is done in the original (colorramp picket from the image, texture coordinates seems to be changed (?), Linear Light is a colorMix and refract a vector node… ):