Flame Thrower guy WIP

Hey everyone !

So Im getting more and more comfortable with blender, and my latest project was a bigger success that the previous one (The Mo green monolog I did some time ago). Im not really interested in critque, more just showing what Im up to. It still needs work !

I model the character in just two days from memory (I wont recommend unless you have done it million times before) and the texturing part was what tooke me the longest as I decide to understand WHY things did as it did. Anyways I look forward to do the texturing next time :slight_smile:

The walk cycle was done in a days time, and I know it has issues with the right leg being more stiff than the other as well as other small things that I leave for you to point out.

I hope you like it and yes I think I should use a white background instead of this grim looking dungeon. Unless I find that firetutorial im looking for, cause if I do it would be perfect to have the fire, light up the character and the enviroment …



PS Anyone know of a really nice FIRE tutorial ? And im thinking of Animated fire ? he HAS to burn something ! so I would love any clues or links. Thanks in advance !

Excellent character. Good textures. The walk cycle appears as if the flamethrower guy is dragging his feet through mud, though. Try to capture more of his personality in his movements. Excellent work.

I see your point but maybe its because, as I said before, the tanks on his back dont really show and so you think its just him self he is carrying. Again the lighting is too dark (As I was expected to put in some fire which would make everything more clear didnt have time)

Actually I hate walk-cycles, because you know … its a walkcycle. Im gonna make a walk with him, but where he is walking into the frame and out again. Thats the near future plans I have with him. ohh yeah and of course he has to spray lots and lotsa fire at the camera :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment though !


The character looks great! Can’t wait to see the flames come out of that flamethrower.
About the walk: Not sure but it appears to me that he is not properly rolling his feet. It looks as if he puts his feet flat on the ground and that might be the reason why it looks so stiff.

Well to be honest that problem occur to me every time i make a walk cycle (even in character studio) and the reason is (I suspect) that:

I started like every other with the contact frame being the 1st frame, this gives you the problem with the feet rolling around the contact frame. To get rid of this I should had started from the down position. I just rushed it cos I wanted it in my recent showreel that I have to spit out now or never …so its my old habit of starting the cycle with the contact position.

I promis (myself) to show more when I make it … its just a so-far-so-good-thing :wink:


PS/NB I cant wait for the flames me self !