Flamenco render farm how to?

Hi all.

I’m trying to run Flamenco render farm (2.1.0) in my local network, I have Master in a Windows computer, server in BlenderCloud, workers in Windows and mac Computers, all computers have access to the same folder, with all permissions, in the same route (one route to Mac computers and other to Windows computers).

I had tried all the combinations in blender to send the job, {render}, T:, T:/, \ip\folder, etc… all times worker says or pesmission error, or cannot find the folder (the temp folder where the job is stored) or cannot create the temp folder…

I’d like to have Flamenco running because I think is a very good software, but I can’t try…

Someone can help? please??


P.D.: sorry for my english

Last log, job sended from Windows Machine to OSX machine:

2018-01-17T16:42:01+0100: Manager assigned task 5a5f6ec13bea6a3e67383b36 to worker (mains-pc.spain.altavia-group.com)
2018-01-17T15:42:01.543077+00:00: blender_render: Starting2018-01-17T15:42:01.544786+00:00: Executing /Applications/ --enable-autoexec -noaudio --background /Volumes/flamenco/trabajo/2018-01-17-164152.329095-___3d3-untitled.flamenco/untitled.flamenco.blend --render-output ‘/Volumes/flamenco/output__intermediate/######’ --render-frame 12018-01-17T15:42:01.551630+00:00: blender_render.(task_id=5a5f6ec13bea6a3e67383b36, command_idx=0): Error executing: [Errno 13] Permission denied



How did you solved ?

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