well, i just watched hellboy for the eighth time, and was wondering, is there a way to create the flames in the pyro kenisis effect? like how the flames interact with the girls hand movements and positions? i know its a longshot, but maybe with a motion capture technique. (i saw one a while back… but i dont know what program it was, and i dont have access to a greenscreen :-? ) it would be pretty sweet to be able to aheive this in blender. :smiley:

hm, i would think particles would be the thing, though i can’t quite remember the effect you are talking about. anyway, particles can use vortex fieds now, and you can influence them with a texture by using the 8th texture channel, and clicking on ‘use texture’ ( or something like that ) in the partile buttons. anoher option would be to use an animated texture, and use rvk animation to distort the object it was on.
<edit> also you can use a lattice to control particles somewhat.

hm… yeah, ill try some of those. thanks for the reply. :smiley: if anyone else has ideas, they ewould be appreciated