Flamethrower Animation

This is a preliminary flamethrower test that may be used with live action footage for a SFX test. Tell me what you think.


That link should work. Please tell me if it doesn’t. AVI, about 1.7 MB, I believe.

Try this you incessantly whiny jerks!! Just kidding. 8)

the link works alright, but I’m not sure it’s good link. You might want to add .avi at the end of your file on the server and in the URL.

I added a second link version. Please critique!!

err tripod aint working for the second link :frowning:

Neither link is working?

nope, the first gives me lines of encrypted code ( if that is what it is:- im not a programer) and the second link leads me to a tripod error page

the first link is actually the avi file without the extension. If it finishes loading, just right-click and save as with a .avi extension. Then Mplayer will read it (or windows media if you’re on windows).
Cheers! :smiley:

If Goeland86’s suggestion works, try that for now, and I’ll resurrect this post if I can fix the link. Sorry for any trouble.

Worked for me. Cool flamethrower! Would you mind posting the fire material?

The movements are cool too, very realistic. But I don’t like how the flame “jumps” to the edge of the box, and continues. It has to spread out a little bit more IMO. But it’s way cool!

Thanks for the comments. I see your point on the behavior of it after it hits the cube. I’m going to try to experiment with that but I don’t know what I’ll do to fix it.

The material took awhile to tweak, so here it is:

Soft Orange
.5 Alpha
Halo Size .6
Halo Add .6
Halo Hard 34

HaloTex on
Cloud Texture
sizeX .4
sizeY 1.3
sizeZ 1

Map to
Col- Pure Blue


Hope this helps you. If you do anything like this, I’d love to see it.

Anyone else have comments? :frowning: