Flamethrower (Blender 2.5)

Made this with the 2.5 smoke simulator. Let me know what you think, any changes, etc.


hahaha very nice, I assume you saw blenderguru’s tutorial, I like your result much better.

That’s great! Made me laugh.

The flamethrower looks very nice as well.

Very nice!!

Enjoyed that, nice work.

Yeah I loosely followed it. Thanks!

Love that little footnote you put in there “*Unless you want to waste a week of your life rendering”

I actually “lolled” at that. Very nice, but Would be nice if there was a little more sideways movement on the flame. Just some random X axis movement is all.

Loved it :wink:

haha “Unless you want to waste a week of your life rendering” I love it! And awesome result!! 5 stars :wink:

Anyone ever told you that you look a little like Nicholas Cage?

Ha ha! This is great, nice compositing with the live footage.

Sweet! Now you just need a Zombie.

Too many times man…haha


That’s it! This was stunning!!!

I wouldn’t change anything and just called it finished! But, if you want to get picky, the you could look into the green light on your neck not turning your white shirt a bit greenish? Maybe the road should turn black where it burned. Little details like those… Oh! And maybe some credits!!!

Really, I loled and got stunned at the same time. Freaking awesome!

You are a GOD! I agree, much more interesting than Andrew Price’s tutorial. Keep it up, I love seeing composited effects like this.

I like the refections on the windows.
1000000000000 stars for the realism!!!

Indeed very useful for me, Thanks for sharing.

Okay, I’m jealous! Now, you have me wanting to play with the Blender compositor.

Awesome ! :smiley:

i think a great addition would be a police siren at the end and then both of you run like hell :wink:

Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

1.) What camera tracker did you use?
2.) How did you cause the fire to cast a glow on objects in the footage, more particularly, the driveway/pavement? I noticed that it got stronger the closer the fire got. Is the driveway all CG? If not, how did the lights highlight it?