Flamewar! FLAMEWAR!!!!

Hi guys & gals,

this: http://www.newtek.com/discus/messages/2/5250.html?1026963476 saved my day! ROTFL!! And it sounds SO familiar. :stuck_out_tongue: (Thanks to http://www.povray.co.uk for the link).

But don’t stop donating for blender! This app can’t be compared to blender, blender is far better (Radiosity, Animations and a wonderful community!) :wink:

That is friggin hilarious.! Everyone should read the thread on that link. You will piss yourself laughing.

Thanks for the link Schlops. Made my morning.


My dongle is bigger than your dongle.

Didn;t read it yet, but WOAH! Exnihilo! so THAT’S where he’s been hanging out! that’s one famous blenderhead. (I read on blendermania that he’s a priest, maybe he can preach blender :slight_smile:


What do they mean there’s no Notepad gallery? Inexperienced children. :x Notepad also has superior animation abilities.
And for those of you who are worrying that Notepad may jeopardize the future of Blender, you can use this program to port your rendered pictures into the far superior .txt format.
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, believe it or not, I read them all…hehe, thanks for giving the link. I added my picture at the end of “lightpad 3d” Sorry it’s a bitmap. I don’t have anything to convert the files yet because I haven’t installed all my old programs yet…stupid hard drive crash…

Oh smeg! I can’t stop laughing! My eyes are all wet and it’s almost impossible to see what I’m typing… rotfl

its still the best program for cracking savegames so that they don’t work