Flaming goo menu cursor

I was playing around with the old 2d metaball GE demo and came up with this:
(click an image to make it larger)
http://cdupload.com/thumbs/small/154638_5ixnt/ScreenShot004.png http://cdupload.com/thumbs/small/154639_rrbuo/ScreenShot013.png
Download link: FlamingGooCursor.blend
(use space bar to turn off the flames)
[edit] vids up on youtube:

That is incredible! I can’t believe there aren’t any comments on this yet! My only thought is that if it’s supposed to be a cursor, you might want to make it smaller. But with all that Python, I don’t know how easy that would be. Again, good job. Are you going to include this in a game, or is it just for fun?

it was mostly just for fun. I am not currently working on a game, and anyone who wishes to use this may. I would like to point out that the python scripting was not done by me, but by martinsh in the previously mentioned metaball demo.

Sorry for double-posting, but I thought I would let you know that the hi-quality vids are up now:

i can’t donload the .blend file…

but the videos look awesome!

awesome! Rated 5! Very nice job!

Really? what is the problem? it downloads just fine for me…

Well, i finally got my background + flames working! It turned out to be an issue with the background color… Anyway, new vid: