Flare problem

(bloodlike) #1

hm,it seemed easy until the troubles started. I would like to make an effect similar to the flare at the end of 3dmark2000 demo,or for sci-fi fans sth like photon torpedo.I tried with halo,lines blabla but i cant make it change its shape,I tried rotating object,rotating camera but the problem still persists :frowning: .Some help?

(kattkieru) #2

I don’t know how to do it in blender, but most post-processing software can add lense flares.

Another solution would be to do it by hand using planes and textures. It’s really only about ten or so for a good lense flare. And I believe you can change the size of a halo’d object over time.

Anyways, a bit of texture cheating using a combination of GIMP/Photoshop and some planes should do the trick, unless someone else here knows how to get proper flares in Blender (if so, please tell, as I’d love to know too :slight_smile: ).