Flash 8 Vs Flash CS3

I have flash 8 but all my other adobe programs are CS3:( it just really annoys me. So is Flash CS3 better that flash 8?

Flash CS3 is a few versions ahead of Flash 8-- so yes, it is better. However, I’ve used both and I can say that Flash CS3 is only a little better. I still have a copy of Flash 7 [EDIT: I mean MX 2004, whoops], and it’s still pretty cool.

EDIT #2: come to think of it, did anything even change between Flash 8 and CS3?

You know what? I have no idea what I’m talking about.

iirc Flash CS3 is the first of the Adobe flash series (8 was still Macromedia, I think). It ties in with the CS3 style interface pretty well… I haven’t really played with Flash CS3 too much yet but I’d say the biggest change would be Actionscript 3

Ah, here it is- the changes: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flash/9.0/UsingFlash/help.html?content=WS7C4F9BCB-CF7A-462b-887A-A7FCD32E6325.html

I have Flash CS3, and no idea what the difference is…
Oh yeah, AS3 support. That’s quite a massive upgrade. You
also get the “new” FLV component, which isn’t too different really. And some different primitives as well.