flash adventure game

Hi guys,

just finished a game we’ve been working on for quite a while.Its a flash game with isometics 80’s style graphics, and was created for the national library of wales in the UK.
I did intend to use blender at one point, but found that the edge settings aren’t good enought for this sort of thing yet.We really need some good stroke tools.


the link to the game is here


enjoy, it was hard work:D

This is cool man. Though two things…
The background color of the main menu HURTS!
And the timelimit is a bitch :frowning:


yes it is a bit bright though this depends a bit on your screen settings.
The time limit can be tight, its difficult to know how to set it best for a variety of users

i like the colors…
my crits go to the animation of walk (he slips like mad) and controls feel strange. maybe i’m imagining, but feels like other games like this have up/down left/right other way around… ohwell, maybe i had patience to play it more …

timelimit is really tight…


As basse says you switched the controlls around…

The game is rather good. No crits about the color scheme (not verry welsh but hey). And it’s more or less educational.

Well done.

cheers for the comments guys,

I didn’t realise there was a standard configuration for up down left right , will have to implement that next time.:smiley:

the game is excellent, nice clean and clear graphics…reminds me of early zelda games…

if you were to make a short small role playing game like zelda in that style it would freaking rock!

anywho excellent work!

I really like the game and characters. The only problem I kept having was in the direction arrow…the slanted perspective of the game didnt seem to go with the direction I wanted the keys to move the character.

looks nice.
my only crit again was that the controls were awkward.
the controls sholud move with the characters like in all games.

other than that, well done :wink:

thanks for the comments

I think the controls are just a matter of taste or what you are used to, theres no true, up down, left and right in isometric land, an option to choose your own set up would have been good


I just wanted to say that the j0llyr0ger jrs (ages 8 and 3) both love “the bunny game” and the j0llyr0ger himself likes it too, though it gave him a finger ache and soaked up way too much of his time.