Flash Game!(update)

Hey guys, i just started making my first flash game- i dunno if this is the right forum for this but its 2d so i geuss it is?.. anyway heres the link let me know what you think(and if you can think of anything to add)


edit: just added levels to the game :wink:

the bird’s too fast.

Hehe, very fun game.

0 bullets 8 birds killed ! Yay

bird is indeed a littel bit fast,

add some sort of timer



I got to second level, 7 birds. heh.

the bird movement is not only fast, it’s awful… try making some sort of fuzziness to turns…

and, instead of bullets, how about throwing paperballs ?

I hate killing ducks.


ducks are so cute…NOT.

level 1 11 birds
level 2 13 birds
level 3 7 birds 0 bullets

yep timer and more consistant speed

cool update…well, the bg is much better, there is a title-screen, i can hear the gun fire, but i cant see any ducks or a crosshair… :frowning:

nice lil game.