Flash movie of Particle Edit mode

Didn’t see this here yet, so I’ll submit it…

I found this in the graphicall.org News section.

:eek: That Jahka is sure one sick code puppy…:smiley:

Here is the future of Blender Particles:


May I reply, I sure won’t be destructive. (don’t reply to that sentence)

This could be one of the biggest things ever to happen to the particle system, I’ve read about the particle softbodies, the new options, edit mode ect…

It’s really a massive improvement over the old particle system.

Does anyone know whether or not we’ll be able to make animation keys for the particles in that mode in the future? It would be neat to see a rendered animation of hair being messed around by the brushes.

wauw, looks really neat! Now it’s gonna be no pain to make particles anymore, quite the opposite actually :smiley:

You know how when people say ‘my jaw dropped’ you’re like ‘pff, whatever, like that happens’. Well I am anyway. But it did actually happen to me just then. WIth a combined big intake of breath.

I just peed myself a little…

:smiley: Me too…

That’s just incredible.

…That is probably the greatest thing ever.

wow, that looks very cool! will it be in the next release? probably not…perhaps blender 2.5? It should be. This is just awesome

sooo awesome!
my jaw was dropped also for several minutes…digital hairbrush, yam-yam! :smiley:

the cut and come features alone, the best news i have gotten all year… no more bad curves guides to make my life miserable. cheers!

Can you say orgasm…! That little video just made my day, no wait, year! Is this availible in any test builds yet?

Gross. Anyway, I think this is truly amazing work. I can’t believe this won’t be in the next release, that would make my day big time! It’s really a pain the way particle hair behaves as of now, so having dedicated combing and growing/shrinking tools will ease a lot of my headaches!! Thank you Jahka!

While it loads, enlighten me


That is incredible!

Wow - where can I get a build with this feature? I seriously want to play with this.

I just wet my pants… :eek:

One “complaint” though :smiley: Jahka, why did you wait so long to show off the cut-tool? When I was viewing the movie, all the time I was like “now please show that darn cut-tool in action!”

“I know the comb-tool by now, it’s fine, it’s cute and looks awesome and very useful to me”

“ack, the movie is almost over by now! why don’t you show it??? show it to me! NOWW!11!!!”

And then, the mouse went to the cut-tool, showed the tool in action and made my jaw drop twice as hard as anyone elses jaw.

If this stuff is going to work with softbody’d particles as well… wow. Just wow.

Now can someone please pinch me? I’d like to wake up :smiley:

Awesome, amazing, incredible,…Jahka youre one of a kind…

This is just great!!!

SPROING! THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about! I BOUGHT Lightwave 3D a couple of years ago off a studio that didn’t need one of their copies. I paid $600 bucks for it (v7.5) because it said it did “hair”. That “hair” turned out to be a lite version of the Sasquatch plugin. That thing’s hair looks OK but it’s limited. I have paid all the upgrades in between and still no sign of Sas coming down OR letting you do this stuff. I may FINALLY be able to nail my Windows coffin shut and stay on solely Linux now! Lightwave is all that’s holding me back!

Jahka deserves a million of thank you’s!!!