Flash Movie - THE COMPLEX

Just finished a FLASH movie called THE COMPLEX. (Two months in the making…) Its about 7.5 megs, Eight and a half minutes long so if you have high speed or a lot of patience take a look at this link. Note, the preloader doesnt work, so a PLAY button will just appear in the dark when its done loading. You can see how much is loaded from the status bar in Internet Explorer.


feel free to drop some comments in the comments section if you want. Or critiques.

Holy S#IT! That was amazing! I love the sound effects and the expressions on his face. I was really anxious to see what was gonna happen next.


holy shit that was awesome!!!

if there was a bio-menace movie, thats what it would be like.

sigh side-scrolling funtimes, where have you gone…

really great stuff indeed, very impressed. excellent pace, expression. some of the compostition could use some work, but no biggie. some longer establishing shots would have been nice.

great work

Awesome work!

This is just screaming for a sequel :P.

That is just amazingly well done. Great choice of sound effects and very good placement of music. Good attention to detail (with the password/photo part) and intricate use of Flash to make a short movie better than a lot of what you see on the big screen. Now…what’s the ETA on “The Complex: The Survivors” (tentative title for a sequel :P)?

On a side note, this would make a great story for a survival horror game.

Also, the song “No More Words” is performed by Ayumi Hamasaki…might sound better than just saying ‘InuYasha Soundtrack’

Wow, excellent work. You had me on the edge of my seat… literally. Its amazing the way you managed to build up so much suspense so quickly.

10 :Z 's from me :smiley:

That was amazing…

This is a masterful short film, brilliant. you know suspense, good timing, great cinematography and mixing sound and music very well and the best part is you have put it all into a medium so efficient with maximum power.

This is film perfection from a solo artist, hats off.


thanks for your comments guys, it means a lot to hear positive feedback. As soon as I get a nice simple preloader done I’ll get it on flashplayer.com hopefully.