Flash on Android 2.x


anybody tried out that new Beta Flash Player 10.1?

You tube is full of videos with more then sad frame rates
and in some cases it seems not to be too choppy.

Just curious.

I thought everyone was moving to HTML5 for “web-video”…?

Flash was never designed for devices with significant resource constraints, and, from my own, albeit limited experiences, adobe is incapable of a proper redesign to change those facts.

Wow:eek:, that is horrible.

it looks like you’re not the only one http://newteevee.com/2010/08/31/video-flash-on-android-is-startlingly-bad/

Looks like Apple has a point here.

Watching a movie via a cell phone in a flash player is anyway a mystery to me.

But what about all those flash based websites which use flash for interactions ?


noticed how the adobe product lines get fatter and slower?