Flashing Bios

Hi all, I have an intermittent freezing issue with my PC that I think I will be able to fix by updating the firmware on my mobo. ( Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R) has anyone had any experience with flashing the bios on a similar motherboard ? I’ve been told there’s not too much to worry about these days as you can do it online from within the operating system, however, the PC doesn’t freeze all that often and I’d hate to make the computer think it’s a toaster.


You’ll be better off in a hardware forum somewhere. There are dedicated forums for Gigabyte boards – especially for overclocking.

I have a GA board too and recently installed 2 more sticks of ram. That’s when it started locking up – even without load – I mean nothing worked except to cut power. And I did a few memtests and finding nothing. I even used breakin for stresstesting (found smart errors on a drive tho :frowning: ) Thru physical trial and error I narrowed it down to one of the good sticks.

I also increased the ram voltage from 1.8 to 2v (this is also Gigabyte ram) but I’ve not done other overclocking… yet. So far so good.

Upgrading the FW is easy but not required unless there’s a feature you need. That said I went from F3 to F8 hoping to fix my issues. I didn’t really need the additional features. Since I’m on linux I loaded the FW update on a FAT32 USB stick and used Q-Flash (F8 KEY during post).