Flashing Light/ Muzzle Flash.

Anyone able to tell me how i could make a flashing light a bit like a red warning light? also i need to know how to make a muzzle flash when my gun fires, ive got the texture for the flash i just need to know how to make actual light come out.


well, you add a light to the scene ( Lamp one?), set his color, and them add “Energy” keyframes ( I key with 3D cursor above Light Panel window), to animate the flash effect.
Repeat the same steps ( more or less) for the second question!
Of course, to notice the light effect environment objects faces must be set to “light”!

Thanks, worked a treat :slight_smile:

Just a semantics thing, isn’t the 3d cursor the red/white circle crosshair thing in the 3d window? pretty sure you need to put the regular computer cursor over the Light Panel window.

Yes Captain, semantics is an important subject!
Thank you for the correction! :wink: