Flashing Ocean Surface

I’m working on this ocean simulation in Blender Internal, which renders ok apart from random flashes on the surface.

I’ve switched off the “Mirror” section on the material panel but the flash happens on the diffuse material as well.

I’m providing 3 images to show the setup.
I can’t figure out if the problem is with the lighting setup or with the geometry of the simulation.
I know the ocean might be small, but I cant scale it up because there are elements that will be flooded if I do.

Any thoughts?

please supply blend it maybe more than these settings that are the problems

Sure, here it is, it’s about 4MB as I’ve packed the sky texture.


Thanks for your help.

Still no ideas? Do you guys have the same problem while rendering the provider blend? It doesnt happen in every frame, but if you render frames 1-7 you should see it. Could someone confirm?

Hi Grand,

downloaded your scene. There are some problems in your scene in my opinion.
First when I disable the ocean modifier your planes center is far away and the plane is scaled to 0,024. Try to apply scale so that it is 1. Fix the size in edit mode or set dimensions to a good value you can test and then apply the scale. I know you are in generated in your ocean modifier and you can set the size there but I can`t see the the ocean modifier working in your scene… and can not check the problem .Tthink because of that geometry settings.

I saw pretty detailed tutorial, I will update and apply for jobs

Thank you so much

Thank you for your help. The size of the plane was tiny, but no matter how I changed, the result was the same (the ocean was flashing)

I solved by increasing the ocean depth value from 40cm to 20m (this didn’t change anything, but it was logical to add depth), and what did the trick was to reduce choppiness from 4 to 1.9 (there was still a single flashing frame when i first tried to lower it to 2).

This is solved! Thanks everyone for the support.