Flashlight (Lightbeam Fake)

(ndnchief) #1

Well my son is now addicted to Blender, and now we both get no sleep!!! LOL!!! But it is fun, us both sharing this common interest. SO, anyway he said he wanted to start out with something simple, so he thought of a Flashlight, but got a brain block, and asked me how would I do it, so I did this picture real quick, took about 3 minutes. He said he would post his first picture if I posted this one, so here it is, nothing great. I couldn,t figure out how to get a light beam to show up in a dusty room, so I faked it with an object cylinder assigned transperency. If any of you mad geniuses know the correct way, could you please steer me in the right direction, thanks… Also welcome aboard to my son, “NDNWarrior”

NDNChief Still a “NOOB”


(paradox) #2

The effect worked pretty well seems to me. But try playing around with a halo light. Welcome NDNWarrior.


(Goofster) #3


well isn’t that cute…BUT IT’S WRONG!
just kidding. this is a great way to fake volumetric lighting (that’s what it’s called. but I prefer to make a spotlight and press the HALO button in the lightbuttons :smiley: HINT
you can control the number of lightbeams or breakups (hard to tell you what i mean) by adjusting the HALO step setting at the bottom of the lightbuttons

good luck to you and your son, And i’m awaiting the next version :slight_smile: