flashlight tag

well can’t really decide on a good character to make so i just messed around for a few minutes… came up with this cartoony guy trapped in the woods playin flashlight tag or something. don’t really like it but i figured i’d post anyway… still no thoughts on a good character :frowning: hopefully i’ll get something if i sleep on it. hack it to bits :smiley:


Looks great for just a quick model. I really like the effect the distorted trees in the background give it. I don’t know what crit to really give because it’s just an experiment. Just obvious stuff like the hair, skin, etc.
I really like those pixar eyes. Maybe you could make a spotlight shine up on the face since it’s at night and he has a flashlight.

I’m anxious to see how this turns out.

that guy is scarry…

updated a little on the lighting as mentioned and fixed some texturing… might end up whipping the mesh into shape who knows. just something to toy with :slight_smile: