Hi everyone!

I’m not 100% sure I’m in the right category so if I’m not please feel free to tell me so I can move (if I can) the thread to it’s rightful place.

So this is the render I would like to have critics on.
To the left is the render, the original reference is to the right.

The model is a ryobi flashlight, you can find (little) more references on google but pretty much all there is to see is there. I did the render using cycles. The lighting was made with only an HDRI image found on deviantart(http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=hdri#/d1plh0m) set in the world pannel. The materials are pretty simple too. The image is not composited in any way so that might be a way of improving it but I didn’t practice much with it.

So I finished it not too long ago and I was looking for some feedback… is the quality ok? Do you have ideas on how to improve it, is there something wrong I didn’t see/forgot/should do in another way? Etc.

Seems like you got it spot on, looks great to me.

Your render looks very realistic compared to your reference!

I don’t know how to critique it, so I would just say put it in a scene, maybe it’s lying around by a campfire or on a desk or something.

a few things you seem to have missed.

The writing on the clip should be smaller, and the clip itself extends down past the middle yellow band. put some distance between the glass and the black cap. the screws at the top are rested on grommets/ raised notches. the silver needs some noise texture and the turning thing at the bottom is the same diameter as the main handle.

Rossblenderart : Thanks!

Owldude : Thanks for the suggestion, I’ill think about it

dalron : true, true, yeah, wow (sharp eye, never noticed the grommets!), do you have an idea on how to do that noise? Would you use a generic noise texture or just increasing the roughness? Ho, and thanks for your detailed critic!

The black and yellow plastic seems a bit to perfect. And the bottom is a bit too bright. But maybe this was not your focus this time?
And of course the proportions are not accurate.

Looking good. To me it seems as if the top part is much wider than the handle in your version, compared to the reference.

daltron noticed most of things i was going to say…

i noticed one other thing…

the bottom where that batterys go in.
doesnt look the same… it need one ring/extrusion at the top.

where all those extruded lines are that diameter should be a little smaller than the
diameter of the littler part directly above it.
(the corners shouldn’t be really hard either, try putting a little 45deg chamfer on the edge)
also it dosnt look like you gave the bottom part a material.

I’ve had a go at seeing what works, you could plug the noise directly into roughness (probably after converting from RGB to BW), but the way in the example you won’t get the shininess being affected by the texture- retaining the polished look. the glossy at the top will control what grey tone you want, and the mix node for shiny/noisy.

Honestly, it’s a good knock off. Don’t concentrate on making it look exactly like the picture. Maybe the picture is suppose to look like your render.

just looked at this again…

the handle diameter should be scaled up some…
in the reference pic, the handle isnt that much smaller than the top part.

Nit picking aside about whether it’s exactly the same or not I think you’ve done a really good job of conveying the different materials used, it’s clean, sharp and drawn well. Good stuff :slight_smile:

Moxx : thanks for your critic. I don’t really know how to make the plastic less perfect but I’ll poke around to see if I couldn’t find something. And yeah, the proportions aren’t perfect.

LiMuBei : Yup, you’re right. As Moxx pointed out, I guess I still have some proportions problem to fix.^^’ Thanks for pointing out though!

holyenigma74 : Actually, it has the ring that you are referring to. However, it is really, really too small. Thanks for telling me, I hadn’t noticed that detail. And darn, you have a pretty exercised eye. I didn’t realized myself that the bottom had no material. Don’t know how I didn’t noticed it before… Thanks for noticing me.

dalron : Thanks a lot for this setup. As soon as I work again on this lamp I’ll tell you if it helped me.

macktruck6666 : Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you liked the render. The final render wasn’t supposed to be a 100% replicate of the reference and I’m also pretty content with the actual result. However, I do think some parts can be improved (like the part with no material for example.) without losing myself in the infinite details. =P

LCG : Thanks! Glad you liked it.^^