Flat cartoon face on Sphere-head?

In the above image, this has been the technique I’ve known to get a flat cartoon face on a sphere-headed character. Just simply put the facial features in front of the sphere and use an orthographic camera.

In this image, I UV unwrapped the sphere, added the facial features as textures, and as you can see the textures bend to the shape of the face. Which is all wrong. I want to make the second face look like the first one.

I’m really just brainstorming, trying to come up with a better technique for adding flat facial features to a sphere cartoon character. Do you have any ideas of how to make this work? Any suggestions at all?

Here’s the blend file, the eyes and mouth are all packed in:

add another unwrap to the sphere, this time go into camera view, hit NUMPAD5 for ortho, unwrap -> project from view (using the bound option will optimize the uvspace).

On the textures, change the uv map, and scale/move the elements as you which.

The original unwrap is better for equirectangular textures. In your case, a projection makes more sense.

edit: note that this alone will repeat the textures on the back side… if you don’t want that, just select the back faces, and in the UV Editor, scale them to a corner or so.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.

Well, I have to come back and seek more advice on this topic

The face does project itself as being flat when you look at it straight on, but it looks so wrong when the face turns to an angle. The eyes get distorted

Here’s an example I cooked up,

The eyes get all wonky as you perceive the face at an angle. I feel like must be a better way to produce this result without it looking so strange. I really want a better result. I understand that I shouldn’t be using a Sphere as a head to begin with, but it’s something I want to do for a very simple type of big headed character.


I have my own findings to report on making these eyes look better. What you have to do is make the eye smaller as the head turns and obscures it from view. It creates a better illusion of depth. It looks much better that way