"Flat" eyes

I’m modeling a head, but the eyes need to lay smoothly on a sphere’s surface. Is there any way to go about doing this? I was thinking I could subdivide the area where the eys should be, move some vertices around, and then somehow seperate them to be textured independently. Any ideas?

do you mean your head is a sphere where the eyes have to lay on or dou you mean the eyelids of a realistic head should follow the curvature of the spheric eyes?

however most work in blender is handwork, no much helper tools for aligning, conforming etc…

If you mean the eyes need to conform to the shape of the head, then you can just select faces on the area of the head where the eyes will be and duplicate them (shift + D). Then hit P key and make them a separate object.

There are at least basic constraints and alignment tools.
For instance, to move an object only along one axis:
select the object, hit G key, start moving it in the right direction, and hold the middle mouse button. Left mouse or enter will set the new location.

To flatten an object, You can select it, and hit S to scale. Then start moving in the right direction and hold the middle mouse button. Hold Ctrl at the same time to constrain movement to equal amounts.

Or one could use decals.

I was trying to do what rwv01 described. Thanks for the help!

I usually do eyes as separate spheres, then accomodate the face’s verts, whih a hole, on it, keeping eyes and face separate makes material assignment and modelling easier