Flat particle trails?

Hello people! I’m looking for a way to achieve this look (see images) flat particles with trails
If someone could show me their particle settings I would be very happy

Ivé done similar with Lightwave and it´s particle and hv system

For rendering I would go for a sprite system.,

Unfortunately it seems to mee that blender 2.8 has ditched sprite rendering …(in lightwave you now also have to switch to old legacy volumetrics to gain access to sprites) seem to be a limitation with the newer physical based renders.

You can do this in the blender standard engine in 2.79…(not cycles…doesn´t render sprites) so I think it´s not possible directly with 2.83.
With halo (sprites as render and good enough trails…you should be able to create nice stuff as well)
But for 2.83 and it´s rendering of particles…not sure.

And also…the particle child emitter trail function seem screwed up.

Go back and use 2.79.3 for this…otherwise it´s just a matter of getting the main particles move and flow with some nice motion, and then have child emitter particle trails, for a top glow you could parent something to the main particles …in lightwave I could use surface with high luminosity or sprites with a little larger radius, then either use corona(not the virus) or bloom for postprocess rendering in lightwave, or add a glow in fusion or after effects.

You may be able to do this with the hair system and render it that way.

Use hair particles. For the flatness of the hair just use an emission shader.

that’s an easy way to do it, thank you

looks awesome man
thank you

for the sample first posted…we do have a kind of opacity thickness, where it fades out either in start particles or end of particle trail…as well as when these trails overlap and intersect, the luminosity should increase…I don´t see how emission material could handle that effective…and apart from that…isn´t emissive material much more render consuming than sprites?

I’m not sure that the first images is even done with particles. Looks more like procedural modeling.
No need for sprites when Eevee renders it instant.

That´s better…