Flat shading in cycles


I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of instructions of how to do flat shading in cycles (i.e. I want the floor/backdrop of my object to be shaded flat white, but still receive reflections/shadows).

Like this:


just add a diffuse node and it will be only diffuse !


Generally, something like this would done via multiple render layers and compositing. One of the layers would contain the objects using a lightpath trick to make them invisible to the camera, but visible in reflections, and the other would contain the white plane. You would then combine the two in compositing.

Now on actually combining the two, you could try using a color ramp node to create a mask or you can try making both the background and the glossy plane white (in which you would get a white image minus the reflections if done in the first layer).

I tend to disagree.
The OPs example is not flat shaded, it’s well lit.
Just use a “round corner backdrop” like every real photostudio does and use proper lighting, that should do the trick.
And with the camera angle of your sample a simple plane would be enough.